Looking at ways to add a video to your counsellor profile or your website may seem a little daunting at first, especially if you’re technophobic but it is very rewarding as you upload your first video and see the positive responses you get right away.

Video is the foremost way people all around Australia and the world – including your potential clients – are enjoying content and sharing information online today.

By adding video to your counsellor profile, website or blog; you increase your visibility in the search engines by up to 70%. You get much closer to being found online by potential clients. Not only that, video is a great way to share useful information with your existing clients and to help your future clients decide to engage with you.

1.   Getting Started with Creating your Counsellor Profile Video

There are two ways you can approach creating your video. You can hire a professional from a well organised contractor platform like oDesk or you can create one yourself. Creating your own video is not as complicated as it looks and can mean a substantial cost saving if you already have some of the basic equipment needed.

Selecting your video style

There are two kinds of video you can create. For the first, you will first need a camera and for the second, you won’t. In the first kind of video, you will film yourself giving a brief introduction to your practice and your services. In the second you only need your ideas, some creativity and reasonably good editing software.

Video cameras are fairly affordable these days and you should be able to find one or a friend who has one, fairly easily. There are also perfectly good editing software packages available online either free or at low cost, so your video can be produced for very little cost and be completed fairly quickly in your spare time.

Putting together a plan

You will also need a plan for your video. In your plan, you need to jot down some ideas about what you would like to include in your video. If the video is to be of yourself, you can write down a brief sequence of topics you would like to cover. Try to keep it free of jargon and simply conversational. Think of yourself having a chat to a client and use those kinds of words when speaking into the camera. Because you will be filming yourself on your own, you can be comfortable knowing that you can shoot the video as many times as you need to get it just right.

You will want to consider the sequence and order in which you say things, and find a focal point for your discussion, either thinking of one person you are speaking to – a person who represents your main client demographic – or a group representing your main client base, so that you speak into their listening. Remember to smile. The other important thing to remember is to add a call to action towards the end: pointing out that appointments can be booked online, offering perhaps a 10 minute free consultation or asking that the person watching your video signs up to your newsletter.

For the alternative, you will also need to plan the content you would like to add. This type of video consists of a slideshow style presentation that can include both words and graphics, set to music or a voice over. Your video software provides interesting ways to transition between slides. After creation, the slideshow presentation can be converted to video format.

Keeping it short

Both kinds of video are best if the video length is not more than between 1 to 3 minutes. For a quick introduction to you and your services, this is all that is needed. Keeping it short also reduces production time.

2.   The Video Shoot and Production

When filming a video of you giving the short introduction to your counselling services and practice, remember to choose a setting where you feel comfortable and also where the camera and equipment will perform optimally. An outside setting can be nice if the weather is good and there isn’t much wind. Otherwise, a comfortable indoor setting will work well and may produce the best results. Choose a setting with enough light for you to be clearly seen.

Be aware of background – what will be behind you and next to you in the video, keeping any background noises to a minimum. You can be sitting down or standing up, whichever is more comfortable for you. You may need a camera stand or a friend or family member to help you with the filming.

Practice in front of the camera

Practice what you are going to say, in front of the camera. Remember you can do as many takes as you need. It’s easier to do a straight run once through and not to have too much editing to do afterwards. This can be an exciting and fun experience if you haven’t been on film before and can be build your confidence once you see your results. Share your personality. Engage with the viewer as if they are with you.

Adding pictures and written words

For the second type of video, all of the work is done using video production and editing software. You can search the web for interesting pictures that are free to use or upload some of your own pictures that relate to your practice. You can include pictures of yourself, your location and offices, and general pictures about the kinds of counselling you do. You can write a short script to add as a voice over in your own voice during the editing process, or you can add music and write a few words to place between picture slides.

Remember this video is to give your potential clients an experience of what it will be like engaging with you as a therapist, and to inspire them to book an appointment with you. While it’s not essential for the video to be of you if you are not comfortable in front of a camera, your content must leave them feeling happy to engage with you.

3.   Editing & Finalising your Counsellor Profile Video

Your short film of yourself can be saved and uploaded into your editing software as a clip. You can then convert it straight to video format. You can also decide if you would like to add an introductory slide or closing slide before saving the file as a video.

For the second kind of video, putting together your gathered pictures and written content, music or voice over audio clip, can be done very quickly using a good editing software program. It’s simply a matter of placing the slides in the order that you would like them to be, within the editing software program. Most editing programs are simple to use and give you many options for placing content, transitioning between slides in interesting ways and adding music or a voice over to the presentation.

Once this step is complete, you can save your file into video format and show it to a few friends, family members or colleagues to get their feedback on it. The saved file can always be edited and minor changes made at any time. If your video is well received, then it’s ready to upload to your Counsellor Profile, website, or social media destination on the web. If you don’t yet have a website or blog, you may want to consider using WordPress.

4.   Uploading & Sharing your Video

Your Australia Counselling profile editing platform makes it very simple to add video and audio content to your counsellor profile. Once you have completed editing your video, you then need to upload your video to YouTube. Once your video is uploaded, you then copy the embed code from the page where your YouTube video displays and then add this code to your profile in the appropriate box.

If you have a WordPress blog, multimedia can be easily integrated in a few simple steps. You can upload your video wherever you like, it doesn’t have to only be in one place on the web. You can upload it to your Australia Counselling profile, your website or blog and even to your social media profiles and YouTube.

You will notice the video will probably be one of the first things that visitors to your Australia Counselling profile engage with because video has become an essential part of our online world.  Most people now expect to see video before making a booking for services like counselling and therapy sessions.

Once your first video is complete, you will probably find that the process wasn’t nearly as complicated as you expected. Enjoy the process and have fun adding this exceptionally good marketing tool to your online presence!

What are your thoughts about creating video for your Australia Counselling profile or website? Share your comments or questions below.