I was having a conversation with Casey Truffo, founder of Be a Wealthy Therapist and CEO of the International Therapist Leadership Insititute about what she thought were the traits of successful therapists in private practice.

Now we weren’t talking about success in terms of clinical skills. It’s likely your clinical skills are very good and you have done many years of training and working with clients. What we were speaking about was the traits of the therapist that is able to establish a private practice and go on to make that practice a successful one that generates a comfortable ongoing income for the therapist.

Now Casey has been talking and coaching therapists across the globe for a number of years, so she has lots of thoughts about this subject, but I asked her to narrow it down to 5 proven traits that she has seen in her extensive experience.

You might be surprised by some of her answers, and you might also not like what you hear, especially for one of them.

Click the video below to watch her answers and please let us know your thoughts and reactions in the comments section below.