Many people in the general public don’t realise how effective therapy is.

This is a sad state of affairs, because so much research has been done on the effectiveness of therapy and different therapy approaches.

For your first blogging challenge, I want you to write about how therapy can help and how effective it is.

You can consider the following possibilities:

  • Summarise a recent study or research paper that shares statistics on the effectiveness of psychotherapy.
  • Write about your particular approach or methodology and how it is effective in bringing about change.
  • Share a case study that highlights how the change process came about and paint the picture of before and after for maximum contrast.
  • Pick up a recent news story that highlights how counselling or therapy helps with mental health and add your take on it.

To get started, you can start doing some Google searches on the effectiveness of your approach or psychotherapy, or use Google Scholar to read abstracts for recent research papers.

You don’t need to read the whole research paper, just check out the abstract and the conclusion, and you can use that information to inspire your blog post.

You may also use another blog post or news article that quotes research or statistics, and you can use that as your reference as well.

Remember the following:

  • use simple language and simplify complex theory into understandable concepts for the layperson
  • use relevant statistics (like percentages and ratios) as these are very compelling in highlighting the effectiveness of your approach
  • always maintain the confidentiality of clients and use an amalgam of actual cases to protect the identity of clients
  • don’t be afraid to share your perspective and opinion on what the research is saying and make a compelling case as to why psychotherapy (or your approach) is effective
  • link back to the original research or post where you cited the statistics within the body of your blog post
  • include any relevant charts or graphs for maximum impact

Guidelines for sharing

Once you’ve completed your blog post, please share it in the comments section below so we can all read your challenge submission.

  • If you’re joining the challenge late, you can see all the blog topics for the months you’ve missed on our website here.
  • Please share your blog posts on Twitter when completed with the hashtag: #TherapyWorks! so I can then share your blog posts on our social media accounts.
  • There is a group pin board where we will pin all the posts related the challenge. I will add you manually to this group board on Pinterest after I receive your registration for the challenge.
  • Please share the blog posts of others in the blogging challenge so we can all benefit.


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