If you haven’t noticed yet, the blogging world has been undergoing a visual revolution. Bloggers all over the world have realised the incredible power of using engaging, attractive and powerful visuals to increase the impact of their words.

Visuals on your blog are an amazing way of capturing the attention of your readers and encouraging them to dive deeper into your blog.

One trend that’s big at the moment is creating your own visuals using free tools like Picmonkey and Canva.

The good news with these tools is they have lots of free templates so you don’t need to be a graphic designer to be able to create your own visuals. I can say this myself because I have always thought I didn’t have a graphic design bone in my body, yet I was able to create this visual for my blog and the image to the right within 20 minutes each.

Here are some tips for creating exciting visuals for your blog:

  • Use Canva  to write the title of your post on top of an image and place at the top of your post (choose the social media template)
  • Use apps like Over, or Word Swag for writing text and quotes over images
  • Use Picmonkey to create a collage of images within your post
  • Try using quote apps like Instaquote to create images of your favourite quotes from your blog
  • Make sure any images you use have been purchased by you or are creative commons (Canva allows you to purchase background images for $1)
  • Don’t forget to add your own branding/business name in small font at the bottom of your image

Most importantly, have lots of fun with this challenge and let your creative side out!

Guidelines for sharing

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