This blog challenge is about using a current event or news item to inspire your next blog post.

If you haven’t noticed, we are all hungry for news and current events. In fact, most of us can’t get enough of it!

The good news is your blog can benefit from writing about a current event because your post has the potential to get shared by people consuming news about the current event.

Here’s how to get started:

  • keep abreast of the news in your local area by skimming the headlines in the newspaper online or offline
  • checkout Google News for the latest news in your area (you can customise Google News to show you local news)
  • watch the headlines on the television news and pay attention to any that relate to mental health
  • write a list of current events and possible blog topics that you can write related to the news
  • think about an interesting angle that you can bring into the post that is related to mental health
  • be creative! the skies the limit when it comes to ideas and possible angles you can use

Once your post is written, then you want to:

  • share on Twitter, Facebook, Google+  with a related hashtag (see example below)
  • add your post in the comments of popular blogs discussing the current event (see example below)
  • share your post on LinkedIn and in LinkedIn groups you belong to, but only if it relates to the discussion (don’t spam people!)
  • share your post on Twitter several times over a few days

Blog Comment by Clinton Power on The Hoopla

Here are some examples where a current event has been used as the inspiration to blog about:

Guidelines for sharing

Once you’ve completed your blog post, please share it in the comments section below so we can all read your challenge submission.

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  • Please share your blog posts on Twitter when completed with the hashtag: #TherapyWorks! and mention @AUcounselling so I can then share your blog posts on our social media accounts.
  • There is a group pin board where we will pin all the posts related the challenge. Please follow the Australia Counselling Pinterest account so I can add you.
  • Please share the blog posts of others in the blogging challenge so we can all benefit from the power of the social web!


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