I’m so excited that you’ve decided to participate in the 2014 Therapy Works! Blog Challenge.

If you’re not yet signed up, just click here to get started.

The intention behind this blogging challenge is to raise the profile of the effectiveness of counselling and psychotherapy throughout Australia and the world.

As a therapist, you have an enormous amount of training, information and understanding about mental health issues. This privileged information can help your clients and the community learn to live better lives and increase the wellbeing of individuals, couples and families.

Blogging is also a great way to showcase your expertise, raise your profile in the community, and attracts more clients.

To get you off to a strong start, consider some of these things as you start your blogging journey.

Writing style

  • Create compelling and interesting headlines to encourage people to click through to your posts from social media. Download this free report to help you create interesting headlines.
  • Write in a warm, casual and informal writing style. Definitely don’t write as if you’re submitting a University paper or peer-reviewed journal article!
  • Keep your paragraphs short, no more than 3-4 sentences per paragraph.
  • Write for the layperson and avoid clinical jargon at all costs. If you must use a clinical term, please define it in easy to understand language.
  • Use sub-headlines, bullet points and numbered lists so your copy is ‘scannable’.
  • Add images to create more interest and encourage sharing on Pinterest.com

Blogging technology

  • If you don’t have a blog, I highly recommend the WordPress self-hosted option.
  • This tutorial teaches you how to create your own self-hosted WordPress blog in under 20 minutes: How to Install a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog in 20 Minutes or Less
  • If you want an easy option, you can start blogging quickly using the hosted option WordPress.com, however this does not convey a professional image (it’s used by amateurs and hobbyists) and in the long-term, you’ll eventually have to transfer to the self-hosted option if you want to have your blog integrated into your business website, which I recommend for good SEO.

Guidelines for sharing

Once you’ve completed your blog post, please share it in the comments section of the corresponding blog topic.

  • If you’re joining the challenge late, you can see all the blog topics for the months you’ve missed on our website here.
  • Please share your blog posts on Twitter when completed with the hashtag: #TherapyWorks! so I can then share your blog posts on our social media accounts.
  • There is a group pin board where we will pin all the posts related the challenge. I will add you manually to this group board on Pinterest after I receive your registration for the challenge.
  • Please share the blog posts of others in the blogging challenge so we can all benefit.
  • Add your name and website in the comments of this post so we can all start to get to know one another.

Expect to receive 2 emails a month and I’ll title each email Therapy Works! Blog Challenge #1 etc so you can keep track of the challenges.

You can see the list of topics so you can get started right now on this page:

2014 Therapy Works! Blog Challenge Topics