If you’re a therapist or mental health professional who likes to blog, please join us to celebrate and promote World Mental Health Day Blog on October 10, 2015  by writing and submitting a blog post related to mental health.

When you submit your blog post on or before October 10, 2015, we will be updating this official post with a link to the submitted blog post of every blogger for World Mental Health Day 2015. You can also add an attractive badge from Australia Counselling to your blog post or blog to proudly display you’re an advocate for mental health.

Remember, if you want to blog for the day and help us increase awareness around mental health issues and treatment, please see the instructions here.

When you have completed your blog post, please send us the link to info [at] australiacounselling.com.au to let us know of your blog submission.

Please use hashtag #wmhd15 (or just #wmhd) as you share your blogs across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or other social media networks in the lead up to World Mental Health Day.

Your blog post can be about anything related to the mental health field including treatment, personal experience or commentary.

Some topic suggestions you can consider to blog about for #WMHD15:

  • Tell your story of your experience of mental illness
  • Tell your story of how you overcame a mental health issue
  • Share your thoughts on some of the most effective treatments for mental health
  • Write about an aspect of mental wellness you’re passionate about
  • Create a post with tips to help improve mental health
  • Comment on current mental health issues in your country or city
  • Write about changes in approaching mental health you would like to see
  • Create a post that addresses the stigma associated with mental health
  • Create a compilation list of mental health resources in your local area or country

List of Blogs That Have Contributed to World Mental Health Day, 2015

Check out our wonderful World Mental Health Day bloggers who are advocating for good mental health. The most recent entries are listed first.

We will be continuously updating this list throughout World Mental Health Day on October 10, 2015, so come back and check out the great articles!

What mental health means to me #WMHD15
Australia Counselling
by Clinton Power

Men’s mental health shame
Men and Relationships Counselling
by Howard Todd-Collins

How small acts of care can alleviate post-traumatic stress
by Courtney Armstrong

What story are you telling yourself?
Whole Heart Relationship Counselling
by Julia Nowland

The Couple Bubble by Stan Tatkin
by Melissa Ferrari

Help heal anxiety & depression with this morning routine
by Emma Cameron

Boy meets depression: What one teens’ journey can teach us about depression
Watersedge Counselling
by Jessica Morris

What is your self harm trying to tell you?
Toni Jackson Counselling
by Toni Jackson

It was still a birth!
Innerspace Counselling
by Hayley Mayer

​Let’s talk about the ‘S’ word
Thought Matters Counselling
by Vanessa Steele

A vital ingredient of mental health
Men and Relationships Counselling
by Howard Todd-Collins

Psychologist secret space revealed: Smashing the stigma of seeking help
The Psych Professionals
by Gerda Muller

by Meredith Kitson

World Mental Health Day: It can happen to anyone
Surfing the Blues
by Bridgette Safrana

Therapy Dogs: Pets as therapy
by Vivienne Morrow

Do you want to contribute to good Mental Health in society?
by Melissa Ferrari