These workshops are hosted by Australia Counselling member Marilyn Albertson.

Mindfulness CBT Workshop, Sydney- NSW

In mindfulness meditation, we develop the capacity to be in the present for each experience just as it is, with full awareness. Beginning with the breathing and gradually expanding to include sounds, feelings, and ultimately thoughts. Eventually, we learn how to bring mindful- awareness to every area of our lives to both inner and outer experience.

Like other skills, mindfulness can be practised and reinforced and the more mindful we are, the more we benefit. Mindfulness is simple to teach, easy to learn, requires only 15-20 minutes of practice a day.

In addition to positive mind-states like compassion, contentment, and equanimity mindfulness increases the ability to be open to new perspectives, to think creatively, to understand the link between thoughts and corresponding body sensations and to learn ways to better respond to challenges rather than merely reacting. Mindfulness can be practiced by anyone, no matter what their beliefs may be.


Tuesday 25th & Wednesday 26th February 2014

Tuesday 2nd & Wednesday 3rd April 2014


Kirribilli, NSW


Marilyn Albertson 0448 338 108

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Mindfulness CBT Workshops