2014 NICABM Brain Science SeriesBrain science is changing all the time (just like your brain).

New discoveries and innovative ideas make the field robust, but can often make it difficult to keep up on the latest ways you can change your brain to transform your life.

So NICABM, the National Institute of Clinical and Behavioural Medicine have put together a webinar series on the New Brain Science – click here to check it out.

It’s a 6-webinar series featuring some of the leading experts in neuroscience, and it’s free to watch each webinar when it’s broadcast, you just have to sign up.

Here’s a look at their stellar line-up:

  • Daniel Siegel, MD – The Neurobiology of the Teenage Brain: A New Way of Looking at Adolescent Behavior
  • Daniel Amen, MD – Hormones, Hardwiring, and the Female Brain: Balancing Your Brain for Optimal Health
  • Rick Hanson, PhD – Happiness and Neuroplasticity: Simple Strategies for Rewiring Your Brain
  • Helen Fisher, PhD – The Brain in Love: The Neurobiology of Romance
  • Daniel Goleman, PhD – Focus: Why Concentration Can Make Your Brain More Powerful
  • Bruce Lipton, PhD – Epigenetics: What Really Controls Our Genes and Why We Don’t Have to Be Victims of Our DNA

Knowing the latest breakthroughs in brain science could be the key to helping your clients living bigger, more fulfilling lives.

Check out the series and everything that’s included here.