Online supervision group with Michael Reed PhDAfter the success of our online training series ‘A Fresh Look at Gestalt Therapy’, Australia Counselling is excited to announce that we are forming an online supervision group that will be facilitated by Australia Counselling member Michael Reed PhD.

This group will meet online via video conferencing technology (see the example on the right) once a month for 90 minutes across 6 months, commencing September 2013.

The financial commitment is $150 +GST per 90-minute session, billed monthly. The group is limited to only 5 participants plus Michael Reed, to ensure we can maintain an intimate learning environment.

This is not a ‘drop in, drop out’ group, and we would be seeking an initial commitment of 6 months to join the group.

The benefits of this online supervision group include:

  • an amazing convenience as you can attend from your anywhere you have an internet connection
  • having more free time for yourself and clients throughout your day because you’re not losing time travelling to another office
  • improving your therapy skills as you learn from Dr. Michael Reed, who has over 35 years experience in the field
  • accelerating your learning as you utilise the power of group learning and hear from a wide range of cases and practitioner styles
  • making new connections and networking with other therapists so you can reduce the isolation of private practice
  • experiencing the support of your peers who can understand and relate to the challenges of psychotherapeutic practice
  • gaining your required supervisory hours while having fun and learning new skills
  • growing your skills and confidence as a psychotherapist

There are only a couple of places remaining in the group as people in our training course with Michael Reed have already expressed an interest in joining.

At this point we are asking for expressions of interest and we will follow up with you to make sure it’s a good fit for what you need before asking for a commitment.

If this sounds of interest to you, please email us and let me know or feel free to ask us any questions you might have about the group.