When you’re running a busy therapy practice, time is money.

So you want to make sure you’re working as productively as you can with the time outside of your client hours.

Thankfully there are lots of tech tools that can help you work more effectively and efficiently when it comes to the running of your business.

In this podcast episode, Clinton Power shares his 10 best tech tools that can help you save time and money. Click the links below to check out the tech tools mentioned by Clinton in this episode.

Clinton’s 10 best tech tools are:

  1. Evernote
  2. Todoist
  3. Xero
  4. Buffer
  5. Google Apps – Hosted Gmail
  6. Insightly
  7. DropBox
  8. Timely
  9. Asana
  10. Delicious

Links and resources mentioned:

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Photo credit: Julien Eichinger

  • James Caldwell

    Thanks for all these reviews. Are you actually using *all* of them? There seems to be quite a bit of overlap in functionality between some of your recommendations.

    I would suggest a couple of other very useful apps that I find extremely helpful: TextExpander – great for standard (and customizable) replies to common questions; Canva – for quick and useful graphics jobs on the fly; MindMeister – for a useful “mind-map” approach to project planning; and Trello for team collaboration. Trello would be similar to Asana and maybe overlap as well with Insightly. I dare say it’s a coin-toss to choose between them. Did you choose Buffer over Hootsuite for any particular reason?

    It’s a product of the times that we’re blessed (cursed?) with so much choice. Once it was easy: Excel + Word + Powerpoint, etc.

    • Thanks for dropping by James. Yes I use all these tools, but some more frequently than others.

      I haven’t tried Text Expander, but I am keen to try that to save typing frequent phrases. I use Canva (and love it!) when I have time, but mostly outsource all my graphic design work now. Trello is similar to Asana. I didn’t like the interface of Trello when I tried it out. I am using Asana every single day to manage all my projects and team members. It’s an incredible resource for free!

      I do use HootSuite to follow my Twitter streams and post to my different Twitter accounts in real-time, but I use Buffer for all my Twitter and LinkedIn scheduling. My VA researches to find all my content every week and after I approve it, she uploads all the content to Buffer and it is then sent out at my pre-determined schedule.

      Yes there is so much choice with apps and software today, however, if you choose wisely, these tools can save you an enormous amount of time and money!