5 Big Business Lessons for Your Private PracticeThere are reasons why big business is able to constantly grow and be successful.

Big businesses have many effective marketing activities, processes and systems that help them grow in the long term and develop their business.

In this episode of our latest podcast, I speak about 5 big business marketing lessons that you can use in your own private practice.

The big business marketing lessons are:

1. Create a marketing plan that you write down

  • nothing happens in big business without a plan
  • create documentation for your action steps
  • create due dates to stay accountable

2. Be strategic and plan everything

  • big business is always concerned about strategy
  • consider whether a particular marketing strategy is suitable for your niche
  • think about the strategy of WHY you’re doing something
  • once you have the strategy, then decide on your tactics and how you’re going to implement your strategy

3. Commit to a marketing activity- no excuses! 

  • big business is not interested in excuses- clients pay and want deliverables
  • use this approach in your own business by committing to an activity and act on it
  • being consistent in your marketing is very important to build trust and credibility with potential new clients
  • use systems to help you automate as much as possible e.g. opt-in forms, scheduling on social media, scheduling newsletter or emails, use project management software like Todoist or Asana

4. All your marketing has to be focused on your ideal client

  • big business spends huge sums of money on understanding their customers and clients through focus groups, surveys, interviews, contests etc.
  • don’t think about your perspective, think about your ideal client’s view of the world and then tailor your marketing to their pain, struggles and  difficulties
  • use the language that client uses  on your promotional materials
  • make sure your content speaks in the voice and tone your ideal clients would use

5. Meet prospects in the real world:

  • relationships become stronger when you meet people in the real world
  • big business have meetings to improve and strengthen current clients and develop new business
  • use public speaking to build connections with your ideal clients
  • do networking to develop peer relationships and let people know you

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Photo credit:  Matthew Wiebe