Did you know that copywriting is a proven science that can actually increase the number of clients that contact you just from using particular words on your website and other promotional materials?

Melbourne copywriter Belinda Weaver certainly know this, so we spoke to her about how therapists and counsellors can improve their copy online and offline to attract new counselling and psychotherapy clients.

In this interview, Belinda also discuss:

  • The basics of effective copywriting that therapists should be aware of
  • How you can increase client inquiries with effective calls to action
  • How content marketing can help you build your business
  • How writing web copy different from other writing
  • How to generate ideas for writing blogs and articles

About the Presenter:

Belinda Weaver copywriterBelinda Weaver is a Melbourne-based professional copywriter confidently walking the line between writing effective copy and creating an engaging brand personality. Her business, Copywrite Matters, helps businesses of all sizes crystalise their marketing messages and get customers excited about saying YES. Only the right words work!

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