LinkedIn Marketing for TherapistsDo you know that LinkedIn is a powerful professional social media network to market your psychotherapy or counselling services and connect with other professionals who can support the growth of your business?

Many counsellors and therapists are not using LinkedIn effectively. And some are yet to join or if they have joined, have not completed their profile and are missing out on online visibility.

LinkedIn is your professional face to the world, and is a powerful platform to position yourself as an authority in your niche, as well as network with like-minded mental health professionals.

Ken Burgin has been teaching small businesses about marketing and social media for more than 15 years.

In this interview he shares:

  • The basics of a compelling LinkedIn profile that helps you be visible to others
  • How to start to find and connect with others in the mental health industry
  • The biggest mistakes he sees small business owners making on LinkedIn
  • The business benefits therapists can experience from being visible on LinkedIn
  • How to make regular updates on your profile
  • The business benefits of posting updates on a regular basis
  • How to write recommendations and why to consider them
  • LinkedIn groups- how to find and join them
  • How to manage privacy concerns on LinkedIn

After listening to the audio above, watch the video below to see Clinton Power demonstrate where to go on LinkedIn to make the changes and suggestions from this podcast.

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About Ken Burgin

Ken Burgin ProfitableHospitality.comKen Burgin gained his reputation as a successful restaurant and cafe operator in Sydney, Australia.

After managing hundreds of thousands of customers and more than a thousand of staff over ten years, Ken sold his businesses and moved to working with restaurants, hotels, cafes and clubs in an advisory role. He knows the pressures that face hospitality operators, and is committed to offering services and systems to make management easier and less stressful.

Ken works with restaurants, hotels, cafes and clubs in an advisory role. Visit his website for more information.

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