10 Mistakes to Avoid When Marketing Your Therapy EventsHave you ever organised a live event only to have to cancel it because you couldn’t get the numbers you wanted? Or perhaps your event went ahead, but you were disappointed by the turn out and the general lack of “buzz” in the lead up to your event?

Many therapists make mistakes when marketing their events, and as a result struggle to fill their events and sometimes need to cancel their events.

These mistakes are often easily avoided if you have a strong marketing strategy in the lead up to your event.

Listen to our latest podcast to find out more about the 10 mistakes to avoid so your therapy events and public workshops are a success.

The 10 mistakes to avoid when marketing your events that are discussed in this podcast are:

  1. Not having enough lead time before the event.
  2. Not describing the event clearly in a way that’s appealing to readers.
  3. Not having a list of clear benefits attendees will get from attending.
  4. Not using professional marketing materials.
  5. Not offering incentives like scarcity and early bird discounts.
  6. Not building an email list beforehand.
  7. Not offering easy ways for people to register online.
  8. Not having follow up emails after registration.
  9. Not gathering feedback after your event.
  10. Not having a marketing action plan.

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