The end of the year and the start of the New Year is the perfect time to reflect on the wins and challenges from the year just passed, as well as your goals for the coming year.

As a therapist, one of your goals for the coming year will likely be to earn more income.

There are a number of ways you can use your skills and knowledge as a therapist to generate more income.

In this episode of the Australia Counselling Podcast I share 5 strategies that will help you make more income from your therapy practice in 2016.

The 5 strategies I discuss are:

  1. Raise your fees

  • the New Year (or start of your new financial year) is a good time to raise fees
  • raise fees for all clients from January 1
  • separate out the GST (or your tax) from your main fee in case GST goes up
  • Clients expect that fees will raise over time – you are a business and you have rising costs, so operate like a business
  1. Add new services

  • can you add coaching as a service? eg coaching for singles
  • can you start a therapy group? – funnel existing/ending clients into your therapy group
  • think outside the box and get creative with new services – e.g. offer phone support packages so clients can pre-pay for phone support and use as needed
  • have you learned a new skill/technique such as EFT, hypnosis or EMDR and are you marketing? Don’t forget to do marketing of any new techniques and skills
  1. Create joint ventures

  • can you form a partnership with someone you know or would like to work with?
  • put together a group/workshop/PD event
  • share the load of the marketing and administration work
  • joint ventures can be fun, reduce the isolation of working in private practice and help you earn more income
  1. Get more clients

  • getting more clients is always the quickest way to increase your income
  • is your marketing following best practices?
  • is your website professional with compelling copy on your that speaks to the core issues of your clients?
  • are you following best practices on social media?
  • are you collecting email addresses through your website and sending an email newsletter?
  • are you doing community marketing and networking on a regular basis with other professionals in your local area?
  1. Create a product 

  • it’s never been easier to create a product and start to earn a passive income
  • can you sell a meditation series? –  record meditations and guided relaxations and sell them online
  • can you put your intellectual property into an ebook and sell it through your website or the Amazon marketplace?
  • do you want to create a membership site or an online community where you provide ongoing support and content?

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