Overcoming your money issues and charging your right priceAre you a therapist who finds it hard to know what price to charge for your services? Do you feel awkward speaking with clients about your fees? Do you wonder if your money issues are costing your business?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’re not alone. Many therapists and counsellors do not have a healthy relationship with money and as a result, struggle to build a profitable practice.

In this podcast we spoke with Mark Silver from Heart of Business, who has been helping therapists, entrepreneurs and small business owners overcome their money issues and learn to charge their right price for their services.

In this interview, Mark discusses:

  • Why therapists and other health care professionals have so many issues when it comes to money and pricing
  • The most common blocks people in helping and giving professions experience around money
  • How to know if you are undercharging or overcharging for your services
  • How we can get better at having ‘money conversations’ with our clients
  • Strategies and tips for learning how to choose the right price for your services and products
  • Resources he recommends for therapists who want to get better at pricing their services.

Resources and links mentioned:

About Mark Silver:

Mark Silver - HeartofBusiness.comMark is the founder of Heart of Business, and a successful business teacher and healer, who brings an active connection with the Divine to his work. Heart of Business has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners to integrate the nitty gritty of business with the heart-opening truths of spirit in a way that actually helps the business be profitable and make a difference in the world. Mark has run a magazine, worked as a paramedic, operated a distribution business, been an activist, and worked in the non-profit arena. He has failed horribly in business, and he has succeeded beautifully, each in turn. Trained at the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism in Organizational and Business Healing, he is a Sufi healer and teacher. His vision is that in the process of your business becoming profitable and sustainable, your heart will deepen in knowing its own truth. Mark lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife Holly, their twin sons Sam and David, two cats Rafi and Kira, and as much rain as you care to soak up. Visit his website at www.heartofbusiness.com

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