In this podcast, Vancouver marketing coach and copywriter Juliet Austin speaks about social media and how therapists can use these platforms ethically to market their practices.

Juliet also discusses:

  • Why therapists need to be on social media.
  • Whether you can have a successful practice and ignore social media.
  • The benefits of having a social media presence if you’re a therapist.
  • The most important social networks for therapists to be on at the moment.
  • Advice for therapists on how they can interact in on social media and still maintain their ethical codes.
  • The pitfalls of using social media to market a private practice.
  • The most common social media marketing mistakes  therapists make online.
  • The first steps a therapist needs to take to get underway on social media.
  • Tips on the kind of posting frequency and type of content you need to be sharing on social media.
  • How important the new social media platforms Google+ and Pinterest are  for therapists in the future.
  • Resources for therapists who want to get started or improve their social media strategy.

About the presenter:

Juliet Austin is a Vancouver-based Marketing Coach and Copywriter who assists therapists and healing professionals in marketing their services and products. Since 1999 she has assisted her clients in developing and implementing no or low-cost marketing strategies for both on and off the Internet. As a copywriter, Juliet specializes in writing compelling website copy intended to get website visitors to take action. Visit her copywriting website for more information.


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