Have you ever had the experience of doing great work with a client, but then for some reason progress stalls? You’ve reached a therapeutic impasse and no matter which direction you go, you can’t seem to make headway.

It’s not uncommon for clients to get stuck in therapy, but the key is knowing what to do once the therapy stalls.

So I spoke with U.S. therapist Courtney Armstrong who is the author of the book The Therapeutic “Aha!”: Strategies for Getting Clients Unstuck.

In this interview Courtney discusses:

  • where clients often get stuck in therapy
  • why you need to engage the emotional brain of your clients
  • how you can strengthen the therapeutic alliance when your clients are stuck
  • how to create exciting goals with your clients
  • how to locate the root of emotional conflict
  • her 5-step memory reconsolidation framework to reverse trauma
  • why it’s essential to activate experiential change in your clients
  • some of her best tips for helping clients get unstuck

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About Courtney Armstrong

Courtney Armstrong counselorCourtney Armstrong, LPC, NBCCH is the author of The Therapeutic “Aha!”: 10 Strategies for Getting Your Clients Unstuck and Transforming Traumatic Grief. Known for her warm, witty style, she is a Licensed Professional Counsellor and Clinical Hypnotherapist with over 20 years experience who has a knack for crafting experiential interventions that elicit deep healing and transformation for people recovering from trauma, grief, and loss.
Courtney also loves to teach and has trained thousands of therapists in creative, uplifting techniques for resolving trauma through both her online and face-to-face workshops. Courtney has contributed articles to Counseling Today, the Psychotherapy NetworkerThe Neuropsychotherapist and also offers free resources and articles for therapists at her website www.courtneyarmstrong.net.


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