Twitter marketing for therapistsTwitter is a powerful social networking tool that helps you build relationships with colleagues across the world. However, many therapists in Australia are yet to understand and appreciate how helpful it can be for their businesses.

Twitter has a language of its own, plus, you need to use specific tools to use Twitter in a productive way.

Social media enthusiast Ken Burgin, who joined us in podcast #37 on LinkedIn marketing , returns to give us an overview of the basics of Twitter for therapists.

In this interview, Ken discusses:

  • What is Twitter?
  • Why  therapists should consider using Twitter
  • An overview of the basics of Twitter
  • The benefits of Twitter for marketing and networking
  • Advice for therapists on how they can interact in on Twitter and still maintain their ethical codes and be professional.
  • The most common Twitter mistakes people make.
  • The first steps to get started with Twitter
  • Tips on the kind of posting frequency and type of content you need to be sharing on Twitter

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About Ken Burgin

Ken Burgin ProfitableHospitality.comKen Burgin gained his reputation as a successful restaurant and cafe operator in Sydney, Australia.

After managing hundreds of thousands of customers and more than a thousand of staff over ten years, Ken sold his businesses and moved to working with restaurants, hotels, cafes and clubs in an advisory role. He knows the pressures that face hospitality operators, and is committed to offering services and systems to make management easier and less stressful.

Ken works with restaurants, hotels, cafes and clubs in an advisory role. Visit his website for more information.

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