We all know that the Borderline Personality or character style is one of the most challenging presentations for many clinicians to work with.

So Australia Counselling recently spoke with Dr. Roy Krawitz, a New Zealand Psychiatrist who has made it his life work to treat this condition. He has also written prolifically about BPD, having just published his 5th book on the subject.

In this interview, Dr. Krawitz shares:

  • The characteristics of Borderline Personality Disorder
  • How many people are thought to be affected by this personality disorder in Australia and New Zealand
  • What is thought to cause BPD
  • The qualities a therapist needs to develop in order to be able to effectively work with this personality disorder
  • Effective psychotherapy treatment models that are considered more effective than others when working with this population

Dr. Krawitz has published 5 books on the topic and uses DBT for the effective treatment of this condition.

Please note that the audio of Dr. Krawitz is quite poor, so you may wish to read or download the transcript below instead.

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Dr. Roy Krawitz_0About Dr. Roy Krawitz:   Dr Roy Krawitz is a New Zealand psychiatrist (Waikato District Health Board) and Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer (Auckland University) specializing for the last 25 years in working with people with borderline personality disorder (BPD) and in dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) (therapist, trainer) over the last 10 years. Roy has authored 5 books on BPD and published research of the effectiveness of his therapy, his generalist BPD training and of the DBT service he works in. Waikato District Health Board is a New Zealand public health service that has supported BPD treatment with a full comprehensive DBT service since 2000.