Have you heard of the phrase content marketing or content curation?

These are buzz-words on the Internet today, but they are no fad or passing phase.

Content curation and content marketing are marketing strategies that can be used effectively by therapists to build relationships with prospective clients and provide a valuable community service where you become known as a specialist in your field.

Australia Counselling spoke to Melanie Gorman, who is the Senior Vice President of www.YourTango.com, which is a website that provides opportunities for content curation for therapists on relationship issues from birth to death. Your Tango now gets over 4 million visitors a month from the search engines, so Melanie knows a thing or two about how to create compelling content. As a therapist and relationship coach herself, she also understands some of the unique challenges and opportunities for therapists and counsellors in this field.

In this interview Melanie also discusses:

  • What is content marketing?
  • The importance of content marketing as part of a successful therapy practice
  • Beginner steps for the therapist starting out with content marketing
  • The importance of having a blog on your website today
  • What is content curation and why should we care?
  • The importance of curating content as a therapy business owner
  • Effective tips for content curation
  • Strategies for sharing content via social media
  • How to deal with sending the same content to different social networks
  • How YourTango can help therapists that want to use content marketing as a strategy for growing their practice


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About the presenter:

Melanie Gorman, Snr Vice President of Your Tango

Melanie Gorman is the Senior Vice President of YourTango Experts. She has a Masters degree in counseling psychology and worked for several years as a relationship counselor and coach. In 1999, to supplement her private practice she started teaching a workshop created by Dr. John Gray, author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus that specifically gave singles the tools needed to be more successful in the dating process. In 2001 she was asked to join John’s team and create a “coaching program” based on his body of work.

She worked with a small team to create the curriculum for the Ask MarsVenus Coaching program and soon became the Director of Operations for the MarsVenus sites.
In 2009, she joined YourTango to help their visionary team create their Expert’s platform. In addition to her daily work building the program and talking/mentoring members, she also coaches Experts on how to evolve their business to its next level so they can do more of the work they truly love.