This month, Vancouver marketing coach and copywriter Juliet Austin joined Australia Counselling to provide critiques of the websites of 6 of our members. Juliet specialises in working with helping professionals and has over 14 years experience in the field of marketing and copywriting.

In this marketing Q & A, Juliet discusses:

  • the pros and cons of having your fees on your website
  • the essential features of a home page
  • the importance of having compelling headlines on your website
  • the value of professional images and headshots
  • design features that attract and repel clients
  • how you might be losing potential clients from bad website design

Click here to listen or download the mp3 to listen later. Please add your comments or questions in the box below.
Click below to download the transcript of this session.

About the presenter:

Juliet Austin therapy marketing coach and copywriterJuliet Austin is a Vancouver-based Marketing Coach and Copywriter who assists therapists and healing professionals in marketing their services and products. Since 1999 she has assisted her clients in developing and implementing no or low-cost marketing strategies for both on and off the Internet. As a copywriter, Juliet specializes in writing compelling website copy intended to get website visitors to take action. Visit her copywriting website for more information.