From Therapist to Supervisor: On Becoming a Supervisor with Dr Judy Leung [Sydney, Nov 8-10, 2013]

from therapist to supervisor

Supervision is increasingly understood as a separate discipline with its own skills set and knowledge, in contrast to counselling and psychotherapy. Many professions now require their supervisors to undergo formal supervisor training. This workshop provides the essential knowledge and skills training for the delivery of supervision across different modalities.

PACFA, the peak body for counsellors and psychotherapists, has specific requirements for accreditation of its supervisors. To this end, this supervisor-training course has also been designed to meet these requirements.

These modules are designed to provide an intimate, experiential and tutorial style of learning and number of participants is therefore limited to 21 participants. They are suitable for health care professionals such as counsellors, psychotherapists, nurses, social workers, and psychologists.

The content of these modules will reflect 40% of practical skills training as required by PACFA.

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A Fresh Look at Gestalt Therapy: An Intimate Online Professional Development Training Series with Dr. Michael Reed [online training]

Dr. Michael ReedGestalt therapy is among the earliest and most enduring psychotherapeutic approaches which are grounded in the relationship between therapist and client as the source of healing.

Informed by contemporary perspectives of the human condition and evidence-based findings, ‘A Fresh Look at Gestalt Therapy’ will examine the underpinnings of current Gestalt therapy theory, methodology and practice. This training will demonstrate the application of Gestalt Therapy to key health issues confronted by counsellors and therapists in their practices.

Australia Counselling is very excited to present this exciting and innovative training by Dr. Reed using cutting-edge online technology to bring participants from around Australia and the world together to learn more about Gestalt Therapy.

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How to Create a Social Media Policy for Your Psychotherapy Practice with Dr. Keely Kolmes [online presentation]

The digital revolution has raised many issues for today’s mental health practitioner. Technological advances have moved faster than therapy associations can keep up and when digital guidelines are created, they are quickly outdated by new developments. 

In this 90-minute presentation, Dr. Keely Kolmes will introduce you to advanced ethical decision-making on Internet issues and take you step-by-step through how to create your very own social media policy that you can use in your psychotherapy practice.

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Depression is Contagious with Dr. Michael Yapko [Melbourne and Brisbane, July 2013]

Depression Is Contagious identifies the ways in which our social lives directly affect the way we think and feel. Scientific evidence highlights that the more we learn about the biology of depression, the more important psychology and social life experience become in understanding and treating it. The more we learn about the neuroscience of depression the more important well designed treatment processes become.

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Trauma Therapy Training: The MATES Resourcing Program [Sydney, August 2013]

Sydney Trauma training: MATES Resourcing ProgramThis 2-day workshop is for you if you have clients that have complex needs and presentations, medical syndromes, have a tendency to dissociate, freeze, or get stuck in a fight/flight response or endless drama spirals which they cannot stop.

Perhaps you want more trauma therapy training but don’t want to take too much time away from work, spend years, and thousands of dollars getting it.

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Supervision Training: Develop and Hone Your Supervision Skills [Melbourne, July 2013]

This interactive course will assist you to build and strengthen core supervision skills enabling you to offer structured and ethical supervision.

Suitable for health professionals, counsellors, social workers, psychologists and others with no supervisory experience or supervisors wanting more knowledge and experience .

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Attract Clients with Speaking (How to Turn Audience Members Into Clients) [Online Training]

Did you know that speaking in your community can be easier and more profitable than all your other marketing?
Speaking in your community is a powerful form of marketing because:
  • Speaking uses the interpersonal skills you use every day.
  • Speaking allows you to connect face-to face.
  • Speaking builds your credibility in your community.
  • Speaking can be a very efficient use of your marketing time.
  • Speaking connects you with potential referral sources.

International therapist coach Casey Truffo has just released a powerful home-study course to teach you how to move from a frustrated, confused, or nervous speaker to a confident, organised, and easy presenter.

Speaking can be fun (and profitable!) when:

  • you have a formula that you can employ for almost any event
  • you prepare less content and have more interaction with your audience
  • you reframe speaking as ‘connecting with people who need you’
  • you have a way to manage the inevitable nerves in a way that endears you to the audience
  • you have an easy-to-follow system for converting a percentage of those audience members into paying clients.
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