Sydney & Australia Counselling Directory for Psychotherapists and Psychologists

Jessica Ryan-Zeman Sydney counsellor and psychotherapist“I wanted to let you know I joined the Australia Counselling directory 3 weeks ago and I just got my first client, so thank you!” 

Jessica Ryan-Zeman, Sydney psychotherapist and counsellor.


What does Australia Counselling give you that the other directories don’t?

  • A profile individually optimised for the search engines so that you get more clients from Google.
  • Exclusive access to presentations with therapy experts in your field to enhance your clinical skills.
  • Ideas for new marketing strategies so you can learn how to attract clients online AND offline.

Australia Counselling: Leaders in the field of counselling and psychotherapy

Our Australian Counselling directory helps you to get found in your local market. We are the fastest-growing directory of leaders in the field of counselling, psychotherapy and psychology in Australia. Our directory is the leading resource for finding a counsellor, psychotherapist or psychologist in Australia. We are leading the others by using innovative up-to-date and cutting-edge online technology to help the Australian public find your services in their local area.

If you’re a family therapist in Melbourne, a psychologist in Perth, a marriage therapist in Brisbane or a psychotherapist in Sydney then this new online counselling practice directory is for you.

Join Australia Counselling today to receive the benefits of having your private practice in front of thousands of Australians searching for counselling and psychology services that you offer. Australia Counselling receives over 3000 unique visitors a month who are looking for high-quality counselling and psychotherapy support in their local area.

Your professional Australia Counselling profile can be working for you within minutes. The registration process is very simple and your profile can be filled with features that are designed to engage your potential clients. Before you begin your practice registration, you will need a few details on hand like the name of the professional body you are registered with in Australia and your registration number, as well as your office location, profile photo and contact information. Have this information available when you are ready to sign up.

Get found easily by new clients

Increase your business exposure and attract the clients you want by registering today. The Australia Counselling Directory website is attractive and easy for the public to navigate. Whether you are a counsellor in Sydney, a therapist in Melbourne or a psychologist in Brisbane, your friendly counsellor profile with Australia Counselling is geared to help clients easily engage with you on site and to get found via Internet search.

Your high-quality counselling and psychology support services are easy to find at Australia Counselling. We provide the public with articles on topics related to Australian mental health and issues that can be resolved through your professional counselling services are discussed in our Articles pages. Visitors to the Sydney & Australian counselling directory can then search our Australian counsellors list by name, language, area of practice, office location and therapeutic approach to find your counsellor profile.

Australia Counselling supports your location


Our strong network of professional counsellors and online counselling resources is growing daily. At Australia Counselling, we are passionate about helping you grow your practice in the long term. We support Australian psychologists in Sydney, counsellors in Melbourne, substance addiction specialists in Perth, cancer care and support counsellors in Adelaide and family therapists in Brisbane with online technologies that attract new clients.

The Sydney & Australian Counselling directory currently includes professional counsellors based in:

  • Australian Capital Territory – ACT
  • New South Wales – NSW
  • Queensland – QLD
  • South Australia – SA
  • Victoria – VIC
  • Western Australia – WA

Over and above the therapists and counsellors working within capital cities, Australia Counselling directory practitioners are also located regionally. Wherever your office location, your counsellor profile is visible to all Australians. You can also offer telephone or online counselling services through Australia Counselling.


Your membership grows your counselling private practice


Your Australia Counselling membership includes regular marketing updates about reliable marketing strategies. You have access to ongoing training and tips to help you learn key skills for creating a successful business. All members have access to the members marketing blog. This resource is organised and updated with the latest ideas to help you build your counselling business. Sign up today to begin taking advantage of these new marketing strategies.

We’ll be offering Australia Counselling members early-bird notice of online training webinars at special rates, as well as exclusive free training, only offered to Australia Counselling members. As a qualified counsellor and business owner, it’s essential to stay up to date with the latest developments in marketing a private practice. Our fortnightly Australia Counselling Member Newsletter is packed full of marketing tips to get you on the road to having a full and thriving practice.


Sharon Chapman Sydney counsellor Baulkham Hills“Australia Counselling is making it very simple for people to find counselling help. Friends often complain that they don’t know what service to use, how to find a therapist or if it is any good. This covers all of those needs and gives counsellors a central place to advertise and get information. I love the very quick response I get when I have a question and the personal nature of the response. Best customer service I have received from any form of advertising – it feels personal.”

Sharon Chapman, Sydney counsellor


An Australian first: Access premium content to develop your counselling skills


Included in your membership is exclusive access to premium content that can only be accessed by Australia Counselling members. We deliver you exclusive ongoing audio and video interviews and presentations with leading Australian and international psychologists and psychotherapists. This content is a mix of marketing tips and information from successful psychotherapists and professional development presentations on different therapies and their theories and methodologies presented by leading counsellors and psychologists.

We currently have over 9 hours of premium audio and video content waiting for you to access, which include:

  • Working with Eating Disorders: Myths, Metaphors and Storytelling
  • Gestalt Therapy: A Relational (Re)turn with Dr Michael Reed
  • The Soulful Woman: A Worldwide Movement in Women’s Consciousness with Gemma Summers PhD and Shushann Movsessian
  • Is Gestalt Therapy more than an Empty Chair? with Ashleigh Woolridge
  • Walking the Tiger: Healing Trauma with Somatic Experiencing with Dr Roby Abeles
  • 7800 Fans and Counting: Facebook Marketing, Ethical Boundaries and Multiple Streams of Income with Shushann Movsessian
  • Social Media for Therapists: Attracting Clients, Ethical Boundaries and Social Media Marketing Tips with Juliet Austin
  • WordPress for Therapists: Unlock the Power of WordPress and Build Your Online Presence [8 session video tutorials] with Clinton Power

This is an Australian first. No other counselling directory in Australia offers so much value with your membership. Not only do you get the benefits of listing your private practice amongst your peers on a large authority site, but you can also increase your knowledge and skills from accessing our premium content that is continuosly added to from month-to-month.

Gay McKinley Sydney counsellor Glebe“What I like most about the Australia Counselling directory is the constant updates and information. It’s fresh, up to date, innovative, proactive, helpful – need more?”

Gay McKinley, Sydney counsellor and psychotherapist



Australia Counselling – your new marketing partner


Your Australian Counselling directory provides new marketing tools for all registered Australian counsellors and therapists in private practice. We aim to support your counselling business in extraordinary ways:

  •  Australia Counselling is evolving and developing based on our members’ feedback and requests.
  • We’re attentive to the ways Australia Counselling can grow your business using the latest in online technologies – we’re the first directory in Australia to offer online appointment bookings*.
  • Every time you contact us a real person responds – one who is interested and invested in supporting you.
  • We reinvest profits into site development and functionality, to benefit our members.
  •  We know that search engine optimisation is vital to the success of your counsellor profile and the site. We work constantly to improve search engine rankings through proven strategies.
  • We aim to make Australia Counselling the #1 resource for Australians to find a counsellor and get support for self development and mental health.
  • Australia Counselling is 100% owned and run by a practising Australian counsellor who understands the nuances and culture of building a business in Australia.
  • We’re committed to helping you develop your counsellor profile to help you get found by clients.
  • Above all, we plan to support your entire business by offering trainings in specific marketing strategies that strengthen your health-care related private practice.

Karen Daniel Sydney psychotherapist“I appreciate the space to list my public and professional development workshops. I think you are doing it all very well – lots of great info and practical help for counsellors. You offer a great deal of up to date and relevant information, especially technical stuff  and support,  which is unique for a ‘directory’ provider. I think it has an important role to play in linking clients to therapists. As a clinical supervisor I have been letting all my clients know about this directory! “

Karen Daniel, Sydney counsellor and psychotherapist


Your Australia Counselling profile includes:


The ability to add a second office location and edit your profile as often as you like.

Extensive information including demographic speciality, therapeutic approach and up to 5 areas of practice.

A YouTube video in your profile to introduce yourself and your services. (Video is provided by the member).

Confidential contact form to protect your email address from spam.

The ability to track your statistics- profile impressions, website clicks and emails sent (week, month or YTD).

An Australian first! Online appointment bookings with our partner company Full Slate (extra fees apply).

The ability to choose your own individual URL e.g.

A counsellor profile that’s individually optimised for search engines.

Access to exclusive premium content in our members section including marketing training, webinars and video tutorials.

The option to write articles for our article library and have them link to your profile- a great way to position yourself as an expert.

List your public workshops and PD events on our site for increased exposure (up to 1 event a quarter).

No automatic renewals. YOU decide if you want to continue your listing from year to year.


Are you ready to make the switch to a counselling directory that WORKS?


You’ve probably already got a profile on one or more counselling directories. The question is – are your existing directories up to date with new technologies that rank your counsellor profile in the search engines? Are those memberships going beyond the ordinary to deliver new clients to you regularly?

It was our own frustrations with membership sites having only annual contact, limited support and virtually no social graces that led to the creation of Australia Counselling. List your counselling practice for only 3 payments of $69 or 1 payment of $197.00 incl. GST for 12 months- this equals $17 a month to receive all the benefits of membership with Australia Counselling for a full year.

Australia Counselling 30 day guarantee

The Australia Counselling Satisfaction Guarantee:


If for any reason you are disatissfied with your Australia Counselling membership, just let us know within 30 days of activating your profile and we will refund you your full year membership fees immediately.



How can you afford not to spend $17 a month to list your counselling profile on

Australia’s fastest growing and most innovative counselling directory?


Click the sign up button below to commence your rewarding membership with Australia Counselling for only $69 every 4 months for a 1 year membership. That’s $17 a month to start receiving all the benefits of a membership with Australia Counselling.


Start Your 12-month Membership with the Choice of 2 Payment Options:

Option #1:

3 payments of $69

every 4 months

*30-day money-back guarantee

*12-month commitment- no cancellations after 30 days

*No automatic renewals- you decide after 12 months if you want to renew

Option #2:

1 payment of $197

for 12 months

*30-day money-back guarantee

*12-month commitment- no refunds after 30 days

*No automatic renewals- you decide after 12 months if you want to renew

and no automatic renewals- you decide if you want to renew after 12 months.


*Please note, additional fees charged by Full Slate apply if you choose to use this feature.