2 Day Updated and Expanded MATES Resourcing Program Essentials

MATES mental health professionals training

Who is this workshop for?

All Mental and Allied Health Professionals –  especially those who work with clients who have complex needs and presentations, medical syndromes, have a tendency to dissociate, freeze, or get stuck in a fight/flight response or endless drama spirals which they cannot stop.
  • Are you feeling frustrated because more and more of your clients have complex needs and they are so reactive or shut down it is challenging to do any therapy with them?
  • Do you keep hearing you need to keep your client within their ‘window of tolerance’ but you don’t know how?
  • Do you want some simple, easy skills that work quickly and that clients will love to do?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may like what you read below.
Perhaps you want more trauma therapy training but don’t want to take too much time away from work, spend years, and thousands of dollars getting it. You may even want a way to avoid burn out and skills to help yourself stay with YOUR window of tolerance both at work and in your own life.
We travel the world taking training in cutting edge healing modalities, then simplify what we learn and share it with you so you can get the ‘gold’ without paying high prices in time, energy and time away from clients.
In this workshop you will easily learn:
  • To understand and be able to explain the fight/flight/freeze response & its impact on the brain and body, and how your client got stuck in one or all places
  • How being stuck in this survival response loop or ‘drama spiral’ prevents optimal functioning and reinforces trauma reenactments
  • How to easily de-pathologise your clients symptoms & engage their curiosity and buy-in to therapy, and help them onto the ‘healing spiral’.
  • How you can manage your own nervous system to avoid burn-out, compassion fatigue & provide ‘scaffolding’ for your clients nervous system to improve attachment issues
  • How to use simple language explaining the Polyvagal System, and how to support your client to return to social engagement where they feel able to connect with others and can really benefit from therapy.
  • Facilitate an understanding of the nature of trauma & the effects of prolonged stress on the body, mind, perception & behaviour
  • Facilitate the therapeutic process with client staying in present day time, preventing regressive states & re-truamatisation
  • To minimise dissociation and/or overwhelming abreaction, facilitate clients to stay within their ‘window of tolerance”, and remain willing participants in therapy, leading to less premature termination by clients.

Saturday 10th August 9.30am – 5pm

Sunday 11th August 9.30am – 5pm

Location of Event:



719 Military Road, Mosman, 2088

Payment & Registration

Early bird price: $545 before July 1st,

$595 after July 1st.

Please send an email to:  robyabeles@me.com
with your name, email address, mobile number, and profession
and the bank transfer receipt of funds
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