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Shift Happens: How to Help Your Clients Bounce Back from Disappointment, Difficulty, Even Disaster

Linda Graham MFT - Australia Counselling Podcast
Linda Graham, MFT

Your clients are struggling and looking for solutions. Clients seek your help in coping better with the difficulties, even disasters, in their lives. Yet sometimes our clients’ unconscious coping strategies are defensive, dysfunctional, seemingly “stuck” and intractable, blocking their learning, derailing their resilience.

Discoveries of modern neuroscience – how the brain encodes patterns of coping in the first place and how carefully chosen interventions can rewire those patterns to be more flexible and adaptive – can guide your clinical interventions, anchored in a variety of therapeutic modalities.

Armed with this knowledge, your interventions can help your clients change their brains, thus change their behaviors, thus change their lives more efficiently and more effectively.

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How to Use Online Therapy to Grow Your Counselling Practice

Kate Anthony, DPsych, FBACP - Australia Counselling Podcast
Kate Anthony, DPsych, FBACP

Online therapy is increasing in popularity among mental health professionals across the world who want to:

1. Expand their reach of clients outside their geographic area so they can increase their private practice income

2. Enjoy the freedom and convenience of working anywhere they have a laptop and Internet connection

3.  Add new services to their existing suite of therapeutic services so they can help more clients

For this reason, Australia Counselling is excited to present this online presentation  to give you the knowledge, tools and inspiration to get started with offering online therapy in your private practice.

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