In this 30-minute interview, Sydney psychotherapist and counsellor Sue Paton of EATFED (Eating and Therapy for Eating Disorders) speaks about her approach to working with eating disorders and her organisation that offers intensive outpatient services for those suffering from eating disorders.

Sue also discusses:

  • A brief overview of what is considered disordered eating.
  • Recommendations for therapists unfamiliar with working with these issues.
  • How prevalent eating issues are in the male population.
  • A brief overview of her approach to working with eating disorders.
  • Recommended resources for therapists who want to learn more about working with eating issues.
  • Upcoming professional development opportunities for therapists.
About Sue:

Sue Paton, eating disorders specialist, SydneySue Paton is a Sydney psychotherapist, counsellor, consultant, supervisor and educator who has 15 years experience working with individuals, couples and groups. She has been an educator at the Australian College of Applied Psychology since 2007. She teaches undergraduate and postgraduate students and the Masters program. Sue’s interest is in how the early patterns of relationship, which are set up when we are infants and small children inevitably impact the way we relate today. This includes our relationship to others, work and food. Her passion is to help her patients changes these patterns and therefore create a better life for themselves. Sue has and continues to have, the privilege of being part of this process with the many patients she has worked with over the years. Visit her eating disorders website for more information.


Recommended Books: