relationship in psychotherapyA professional development workshop with Vivian Revitt and Peter East.

“Therapy is what you do to fill the time while two should meet”
A four day residential program held over two weekends – May & July 2013
When all the efforting, trying, struggling and theorising falls away there is another place…
In the stillness of this place something else can awaken, both in ourselves and our clients. A spaciousness of heart and soul allows a quietness in which we can see and hear each other with different ears and eyes.
This workshop will develop skills and capacities to work from this place. The work of these weekends will inform your professional practice and touch your personal relationships.
These two weekends are being presented as one program. During this time we will:
  • Explore how our states of thinking and being can hinder or enhance connection and the deepening of the therapeutic process
  • Develop awareness of our own inner states and how these impact the relational field
  • Engage in experiential practices that will quieten our minds
  • Draw theory from the practice: look at alternate paths in the therapeutic journey
  • Awaken to this larger ground of being that allows an experiential realisation of our innate wisdom and true nature
This workshop will include talks, experiential exercises, discussion and personal reflection. When we come together as a group committed to an in depth study of our humanness we discover extraordinary potential at the core of our being.
“See and listen with the whole of your being. To be truly present and know the other is also there is a miracle” Thich Nhat Hanh
Certificates of attendance for professional development will be available.
Govinda Valley Retreat, 51 Lady Carrington Rd, Otford, NSW
Friday May 31st – Sunday June 2nd
Friday July 12th – Sunday July 14th
Friday arrival 4:00pm, Finishing Sunday 4:00pm
$1120.00 Earlybird registration if recieved by Friday May 3rd 2013.
$1190.00 after Friday May 13th 2013
This includes accommodation and all meals.
For more information please call or email:
Vivian Revitt: 02 6550 4455
Peter East: 02 8095 8235
Click here to download the PDF flyer and application form.