Clinton Power, founder of Australia Counselling gives you a crash course in the 4 of the biggest social media networks today: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

In this 60-minute interactive webinar he covers:

  • the basics of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ so you can get started immediately
  • important settings for each platform and tips for setting up your accounts
  • ideal frequencies for sending content to each social media network
  • how and where to find content that your ideal clients love
  • how to share your content for maximum impact and reach
  • my best tips and tricks for increasing your followers
  • how to deal with ethical issues related to social media

This webinar covers the essential fundamentals you need to know to get started and underway right now. Clinton also shares some advanced tips and tricks that  he uses on a weekly basis that can save you huge amounts of time.


Watch the slide deck for this presentation below.