The Human Givens therapeutic approach is founded on the principle that we all have fundamental emotional needs that need to be met.

The Human Givens approach says when our important emotional needs aren’t met, we can become anxious, addicted and depressed.

The 10 emotional needs Annie discusses in this interview are:

  1. Security – we need to feel safe and secure
  2. Autonomy and control – we need to feel we have the choice to be free and choose how we live
  3. Give and receive attention – we need to give and receive love, affection and attention
  4. Emotional connection to others – we need to feel connected to others
  5. Community – we need to feel that we belong to a community
  6. Privacy – we need space and time on our own to think, reflect and process
  7. Status – need to be respected
  8. Achievement – feel good about ourselves and what we achieve
  9. Meaning and purpose – we need to something in our lives that challenges and helps us get into a state of flow
  10. Moral – we have a need that those around us behave in a moral way

Download the Emotional Needs Audit that Annie mentions in this interview.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Human Givens approach, go to or check out their online courses.


About Annie Gurton

Annie Gurton Sydney psychotherapistAnnie Gurton is a Sydney counsellor and psychotherapist who works with individuals who are experiencing recent or long-term problems or issues. She uses several approaches, including Brief Solution Focussed Therapy, Intermittent Therapy and LongTerm Therapy. She works with couples who are having relationship problems, helping them move from conflict to connection. Her clients are diverse and include people of all ages, orientations and backgrounds, many of whom are struggling to cope with life, and just want to be happy. She works with those experiencing serious mental health issues
such as depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, co-dependency, low-self-esteem, addictions or obsessions, and those who are just plain unhappy or confused.

She is available for individual and couples sessions in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and Inner West, and also globally by Skype and email. Find out more about Annie at