In this 60-minute video, watch Clinton Power show you how to edit your LinkedIn profile to increase your visibility, improve your networking, and effectively market your private practice.

This is a screenshare video so you can watch exactly what Clinton does to his profile, as well as see exactly where you need to go to make changes on your own LinkedIn account.

He covers the following topics:

  • How to set up (or improve) a LinkedIn profile so you’ll be highly visible
  • How to find and connect with others in the counselling and mental health field
  • How to use LinkedIn to showcase your expertise and experience
  • How to connect LinkedIn to your website and other online profiles – buttons and links
  • The best way to set up a LinkedIn Company page to list your services
  • How to make regular updates and keep your profile interesting
  • Managing LinkedIn email so you get just what you need and no more
  • How to write recommendations to build credibility
  • Using LinkedIn Groups for professional connections
  • Balancing privacy and availability in the digital age

Click below to watch the video. We suggest you view the video in Full Screen so you can see all the details that are demonstrated.