This blog challenge may be one of the easiest ways you can create content for your blog- interview an expert in your field.

This is one of my primary content creation strategies on Australia Counselling.

I interview our members via email on their expertise, showcasing them on our featured counsellors page.

I interview experts throughout the world on Skype for The Australia Counselling Podcast.

I say this is one of the easiest ways to create content, because you just have to come up with some great questions and let your expert provide all the answers.

The other great thing is because you’re interviewing experts in your field, some of that kudos rubs off on you; meaning people will be impressed with your expertise when you’re associating yourself with established experts.

Through the simple process of sending an email, I’ve been able to interview some of the leaders in the world of psychotherapy, including Dr Sue Johnson, Dr Ellyn Bader, Dr Michael Yapko, Dr Scott Miller, and many more.

Ok, so there are a few different options for doing interviews. Here are my top 3:

Email interview

This is the easiest of all the options.

Essentially you follow these steps:

  • Email the expert and request an email interview
  • Make sure you tell them something about your blog- your audience, the number of subscribers (if applicable) and why you want to interview them
  • Come up with the questions and send them to the expert
  • The expert will respond with their questions
  • Publish the questions and answers
  • Include a short bio and attractive headshot of your expert with a link to their website/product/books
  • Share the interview on social media

See an example of this form of interview here:

Helping Clients Achieve Mind Body Wellness: In Conversation with Deborah Jackson

Audio interview

Thanks to Skype and new developments in software, this type of interview has never been easier.

Here’s what to do:

  • Follow the previous steps to set up your interview with your expert.
  • Download Skype.
  • Purchase Call Recorder for Skype if you’re on a Mac (or if you use a PC, Pamela is similar).
  • Call your expert on Skype- either on their Skype address or call their phone (you will need Skype credit to call a phone, but it’s very cheap).
  • Record the interview in the background using Call Recorder (choose audio only).
  • Upload the audio to DropBox or SoundCloud.
  • Have your interview transcribed at
  • Publish your audio in your blog post with the transcription below.

See an example of an interview in this format:

Malaysian Airlines MH370: The Psychology of Missing People

Video interview

This option takes a little more work than the other interview styles, but it’s worth it sometimes because your audience will love to see you both interacting on camera.

Here’s what to do:

  • Follow all the previous steps for setting up your interview.
  • Meet your expert on Skype.
  • Record the interview with Call Recorder (choose split screen mode).
  • Upload the video to YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Write an introduction to the video on your blog post.
  • Embed the video into your blog post.
  • Optional extra: have the audio transcribed and add the transcript to the blog post.

It’s important you do add written content to the post for this type of interview because Google can’t tell what your video is about, so this helps with your SEO on that blog post.

Here’s an example of a video interview:

What to Do if a Loved One Has an Addiction: In Conversation with Candace Plattor

Your challenge action steps

  • Choose an expert in your field and request an interview
  • Set up the interview and record it (or email the questions)
  • Create a blog post, add an attractive image, add the experts bio
  • Share on social media

Guidelines for sharing

Once you’ve completed your blog post, please share it in the comments section below so we can all read your challenge submission.

  • If you’re joining the challenge late, you can see all the blog topics for the months you’ve missed on our website here.
  • Please share your blog posts on Twitter when completed with the hashtag: #TherapyWorks! and mention @AUcounselling so I can then share your blog posts on our social media accounts.
  • There is a group pin board where we will pin all the posts related the challenge. Please follow the Australia Counselling Pinterest account so I can add you.
  • Please share the blog posts of others in the blogging challenge so we can all benefit from the power of the social web!


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