Have you heard of the therapeutic approach called Family Constellations?

Gestalt therapist Maria Dolenc is passionate about Family Constellation work and has trained extensively in this approach as well as run workshops throughout Australia and overseas.

In this interview she shares:

  •  What is a Family Constellation and Family Constellation work.
  • How she became interested in Family Constellation work.
  • How a family constellation unfolds in a workshop?
  • If family constellation work can be used in individual and couple work.
  • The theory and philosophy behind family constellation work.
  • When she would recommend Family Constellation work.
  • When not to recommend Family Constellation work.
  • What training can therapists do in this area.
  • Resources for therapists who want to explore more in this area.

Click below to watch the video:

Family Constellations: An interview with Gestalt Therapist Maria Dolenc from Clinton Power on Vimeo.

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About Maria Dolenc:

Maria Dolenc, Sydney Gestalt TherapistMaria Dolenc is a qualified Gestalt Therapist, accredited PACFA supervisor, Family Constellation Facilitator/Trainer and Addictions Counsellor working with individuals, couples, families and groups. She has lectured on Holistic Counselling at Nature Care College and has worked in various capacities at South Pacific Private including Clinical Supervisor. Maria was also co-director at Gestalt Therapy Sydney and now devotes her time mainly to what she loves doing, which is Constellation work. Maria has studied Family Constellation work with leaders in the field both locally and overseas. She has been conducting Family Constellations workshops and practitioner training in Australia and internationally on a regular basis over the last few years. For more information about Systemic Constellation work go to www.family-constellations.org or www.constellationflow.com



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