Adolescent Counselling and Family TherapyThere’s no doubt that adolescents, teens and young people are vulnerable due to the huge changes they undergo in their development.

But did you know that the development of a young person’s brain is an important factor in their ability to make good decisions or be inclined to take risks?

Australia Counselling member and Sydney psychologist Maya Floyd has been working with adolescents and their families for many years and has a wealth of experience and knowledge in some of the important issues young people are dealing with.

In this interview, Maya discusses:

  • Some of the most common problems and issues adolescents are dealing with
  • The importance of involving the family when working with adolescents
  • How you work with the ‘identified patient’ and get the family involved in the therapy as well
  • How the massive rise in the use of technology and social media is affecting teens and families today
  • Whether therapists need specific family therapy training to start to bring other family members into the therapy
  • A case study demonstrating successful work she did with an adolescent and his family

About Maya Floyd:

Maya Floyd, Sydney CounsellorMaya Z. Floyd is a Psychologist with over 10 years experience in the Community and Welfare sector. She has worked with children, adolescents, adults, and families in the areas of youth homelessness prevention, out of home care services and adolescent and family therapy. Maya’s therapeutic work has focused on children and adolescents who have experienced early childhood trauma and attachment disruption. She currently works as a Psychologist and therapist and conducts Parenting Workshops for parents of adolescents as well as working therapeutically with parents who have experienced early childhood trauma. Maya is passionate about connecting with people, and working in ways that inspire them to engage meaningfully with their lives. Maya holds a BA in Psychology, Post Graduate studies in Psychology, a specialisation in Existential Therapeutic Practice, and is an accredited Trainer and Assessor. You can visit her website for more information.



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