Have you ever heard of the therapy ortho-bionomy? It’s possible you haven’t, but it’s an incredibly powerful and gentle way of working with the body to aid in it’s natural healing and recovery.

Bruce Stark has a hugely successful ortho-bionomy practice in Sydney and has worked for over 25 years in the field of bodywork. He has also worked closely with somatic therapists as a trainer and supervisor, so was the perfect person to speak about in regard to embodiment.

In this 35-minute  interview, Bruce also shares:

  • What is ortho-bionomy
  • How he came to be interested in ortho-bionomy and working with embodiment
  • What therapists can learn from becoming more attentive to the bodies of their clients
  • The benefits of observing and identifying somatic signals in yourself and others
  • How therapists can use these observations and sensations in their therapeutic work
  • Some of the qualities and characteristics of the various tissues and structures that relate to emotional states
  • How therapists can integrate these types of somatic awareness into the psychotherapeutic process
  • Resources therapists wanting to learn more about embodiment

Click here to download the PDF transcript of this interview.
About the presenter:

Bruce Stark Ortho-BionomyBruce has over 25 years experience in the field of therapeutic bodywork and as a Practitioner and Advanced Instructor of Ortho-Bionomy.  Bruce teaches Ortho-Bionomy extensively throughout Australia and New Zealand and maintains a full-time practice in Sydney.  Prior to moving to Sydney from Chicago in 2001 he was on the faculty of the University of Wisconsin – Madison Medical School for 12 years where he taught medical interviewing and physical examination skills.  He was also a senior research analyst for the Wisconsin Sentencing Commission developing felony sentencing guidelines for use by legal practitioners across the state.

Bruce is a sought-after speaker and has presented at many national conferences including the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), the Australian Association of Massage Therapists (AAMT) and many regional conferences including the Australian Somatic Psychotherapy Association as well as massage, bodywork and complementary health organisations.  He has been a trainer with the Somatics College of Body Oriented Psychotherapy in Sydney and has presented with the Somatic Psychotherapy Institute of Australia.  Bruce also supervises bodywork and somatic therapists in Australia and New Zealand. Find out more at www.brucestark.com.au


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