Have you ever had the experience of trying to remember all the things you need to do in your life and therapy practice, but you struggle to keep on top of your paperwork, tasks and To Dos?

Well the hugely popular app Evernote is an incredible tool that can become your ‘digital brain’ where you will never have to search for an email or lost paperwork again.

In this interview, technology coach Helen Crozier from Keyboard Karma returns again to the Australia Counselling Podcast to share how you can use this powerful tool to improve your productivity.

In this interview she discusses:

  • The new tiered subscriptions: Free, Plus, Premium and Business
  • Work Chat: How to use this powerful collaboration and sharing tool and how it works
  • Presentation Mode: Why you can now do away with Powerpoint/Keynote
  • Scannable App: How this app links to Evernote for quick, accurate scanning
  • Business Card Scanning: (premium feature): How it connects directly to Linkedin and populates profile pic, URL and job title/description, requests to connect and send contact details
  • Evernote Clipper Update: How to start clipping text and images from the Internet and upload to Evernote

Helen’s Top Five Tips for using Evernote 

  1. Don’t go overboard with creating lots of notebooks – it’s preferable to use tags wherever possible. Having lots of notebooks is the same as having too many email or file folders. After a while you don’t have the energy to file things into the right place and it all becomes a bit of a mess. Essentially notebooks are great if you want to share just some of your notes and collaborate with someone. I advise clients to start using evernote first – then decide on the structure if they are unsure how to start. It’s very easy to change at any time so just dive in
  2. Use the shortcut bar to store notebooks, notes or even saved searches. The shortcut bar speeds up finding critical information. Shortcuts will synchronise over all devices which is a bonus.
  3. Try using audio. If you have your phone turned off all day you can create a note called voicemail with today’s date. Then record your messages into that note and type in any action reminders to go back to later. That way you can delete the voicemail knowing the message is safe to listen to later.
  4. Use your email address to subscribe to newsletters. This is great for cutting down on emails by using your Evernote email address to subscribe to newsletters. They never come to your inbox and are all stored in Evernote.
  5. Learn how to forward emails into Evernote. If you add an @ sign followed by the notebook in the subject of the email Evernote will automatically file the email into the correct place. You can even add # hashtags and reminders.
This is a tip for Kindle users who read lots of books and make use of highlights and notes. In the past it was not possible to get those precious highlights, notes and comments off the Kindle very easily but I’m pleased to say that now we have the tool for that. It’s called Clippings and is incredibly useful for those researching their field.

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About Helen Crozier

Helen Crozier on The Australia Counselling PodcastHelen Crozier is a technology coach who believes that technology is here to serve us rather than frustrate us or consume too much time and energy. Her passion is to share all the shortcuts she finds that will lead you to a more abundant life by using technology well. Her consulting business is called Keyboard Karma www.keyboardkarma.com

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