In this 30-minute video, psychotherapist and sex therapist Dr Joe Kort from Detroit, Michigan, speaks about his book Gay Affirmative Therapy for the Straight Clinician and other important issues therapists need to be aware of when working with gay and lesbian clients.

Dr Kort also discusses:

  • What is Gay Affirmative Therapy?
  • The most common myths about GLBT people that can influence clinicians
  • What is covert sexual abuse and how it relates to sexual anorexia
  • How GLBT people experience PTSD?
  • Why gay friendly is not enough for the straight clinician
  • How homophobia effects the development of GLBT people
  • How clinicians inadvertently bring heterosexist attitudes into the therapy room
  • Sex addiction: does it exist and what are the markers for diagnosis?
  • Case study of a successful Gay Affirmative Therapy approach and the outcomes for the clients


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Dr Joe Kort sex addiction counsellor and gay affirmative therapistDr Joe Kort is a Psychotherapist, coach and author  based in Detroit, Michigin who been in practice since 1985. He specializes in Gay Affirmative Psychotherapy as well as IMAGO Relationship Therapy. Dr. Kort is also a Board Certified Sexologist specialising in sex therapy and sexual identity. He is also a Certified Sexual Addiction therapist and offers workshops for couples and singles. He runs a gay men’s group therapy and a men’s sexuality group therapy for straight, bi and gay men who are struggling with specific sexual issues. Dr. Kort’s practice is mixed with straight, gay, lesbian and bi-attractional individuals and couples. His websites include and


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