Infidelity has a huge impact on relationships with the ripple effect affecting children, families and communities.

When a couple is dealing with infidelity, the relationship is often threatened with the possibility of ending due to the deep pain and hurt that is often felt by the betrayed partner.

Savannah Ellis is the founder of the Infidelity Recovery Institute (IRI), and is passionate about helping couples get back on track after an infidelity.

In this interview Savannah shares:

  • how she became interested and developed her passion for infidelity recovery
  • what is the impact of infidelity on couples and families
  • how social media and the internet is making affairs and infidelity more widespread
  • her seven stage process to recover from infidelity
  • the different affair types and how to treat them

About Savannah Ellis

Savannah EllisSavannah has coached thousands of couples and individuals from Sydney, Australia to Las Vegas, USA to help them achieve their relationship and personal goals. Her passion is to help people be authentic to themselves and others. In 2012, she teamed with Dr. Joe Whitcomb, and became COO of the Relationship Society. Savannah is the founder of the Infidelity Recovery Institute (IRI). IRI provides coaching, training and certification programs to coaches, therapists, counsellors, and clergy. The training programs include: The 7 Step Infidelity Recovery Method Certification Program; Life Coaching Certification; Prepare Enrich Certification; and The 6-Figure Coaching Business.

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