Mediation is often considered the last stop for couples who are separating and need help disentangling their lives and working out how to divide their finances and formalise their co-parenting arrangements.

However there is a lot more to mediation than meets the eye. In fact, a great many types of disputes between couples, work colleagues, neighbours and families can all be effectively resolved with mediation.

Julia Brierley is a nationally accredited mediator who has a great deal of experience working with many people from all walks on life who are trying to resolve a dispute.

In this interview Julia discusses:

  • what is mediation
  • the different types of disputes where mediation can be used
  • the difference between counselling and mediation?
  • how do you know whether a couple should seek counselling or mediation
  • the strategies used during mediation to ensure a good outcome for all parties
  • the benefits of mediation
  • what is a parenting plan
  • the legality of mediation agreements and what happens if one party breaks the agreement

Links and resources:

  • Sydney Dispute ResolutionFor information on mediation and Family Dispute Resolution, Parenting Plans, property settlements and Child Inclusive Practice.
  • SOS Interim Mediation ServiceSydney Dispute Resolution’s “SOS Interim Mediation” service for clients who have recently separated and who may be struggling with issues such as: living under the same roof, immediate financial concerns, conflict with their ex-partner and what to tell the children.
  • Family Relationships OnlineThis online resource provides all families (whether together or separated) with access to information about family relationship issues, ranging from building better relationships to family dispute resolution.

About Julia Brierley:

Julia Brierley Sydney Dispute Resolution, Professional MediatorManaging Director Sydney Dispute Resolution
BSc (Psych), Nationally Accredited Mediator (NMAS), Registered FDRP, Member of LEADR and the Australian Mediation Association

A specialist in Family Mediation, Julia is committed to providing a confidential, compassionate and child centred approach to resolving family disputes.

Julia has combined an international career in the corporate sector with further studies in dispute resolution, psychology and child development. As a registered FDRP and relationship counsellor, she has many years experience working with families going through separation and divorce, including managing complex cases at Family Relationship Centres.

An accredited trainer, Julia has run seminars and workshops for a range of organisations including the Commission for Children and Young People; Fairfax Media; Commonwealth Bank; KPMG and South Sydney Rugby League Club. She is also a Coach and Assessor for NMAS mediator accreditation with the College of Law and the Graduate Diploma in Family Dispute Resolution with the Australian Institute of Relationship Studies.

In the corporate sector, Julia’s extensive experience in marketing, communications and business development makes her ideally placed to assist clients in the areas of commercial and workplace mediation. Find out more at