In this video interview, husband and wife psychologists Drs Robert and Rita Resnick from Los Angeles discuss their Gestalt approach to couples therapy. They discuss why couples need to move from a model of fusion to a model of connection.

Bob and Rita are the founders of Gestalt Associates Training Los Angeles. 

In this 40-minute video, Bob and Rita also share:

  • How their interest and passion in working with couples came about
  • A brief overview of the philosophy and theory that underpins their work with couples
  • How using a Gestalt theory lens is helpful in working with couples
  • How approaches to working with couples have evolved over the last 40 years
  • How they structure their couples session and set the couple’s expectations from the beginning
  • Contraindications for doing couples work
  • How to manage the boundaries between individual and couples work
  • Their thoughts on attachment theory and differentiation theory in their understanding of the couple and how it informs their work
  • Information about their annual European residential for Gestalt therapy and couples therapy

Please note: There were problems capturing the video of the interviewer, Clinton Power, so his image is replaced by a photo at times throughout the interview.


Click here to download the PDF transcript of this interview.

About the presenters:

Clinical Psychologist Rita ResnickRita F. Resnick, Ph.D., has been Faculty Chair of GATLA’s European Summer Residential Training Program since 1991 and a faculty member since 1986. In addition to her private practice in Santa Monica, California, Rita is actively training psychotherapists in the United States, Australia, Europe and China in both Gestalt and Couples Therapy. Her professional interests include the exploration of innovative and supportive approaches to supervision and a devoted, passionate (and self serving) interest in the area of women growing older – menopause and mid-life vitality. Rita also co teaches supervision courses for the Los Angeles Department of Mental Health. Rita is known for her warmth, perceptiveness and her ability to clearly relate clinical work to theory.  The Resnick’s are frequently happily married.

Clinical Psychologist Robert ResnickRobert W. Resnick, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Gestalt and Couples Therapist trainer for almost 50 years was trained (1965-1970), and personally certified (1969) by Drs. Fritz Perls and James Simkin. Chosen by Fritz Perls to introduce Gestalt Therapy to Europe in the summer of 1969, he is an international Gestalt Therapy and Couples Therapy trainer and has been doing training each year since 1969.  In 2012, he published“Ten Commandments For Maintaining Connection For Couples” in Ten Commandments for Couples: For Every Aspect of Your Relationship Journey Zeig, J. and Kulbatski, Tami. He is currently developing a series of contemporary Couples Therapy and Gestalt Therapy training films. His first clinical practicum was driving a New York taxicab.  And yes, the Resnick’s are frequently happily married.


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