Crisis counselling is a unique form of counselling that involves comprehensive training and boldness on the part of the counsellor.

Those counsellors that are working with people in crisis or suicidal ideation are faced with challenging cases that can be unpredictable at times.

So we spoke with Jimmy Henderson, who is a counsellor in South Africa with over 29 years experience working with clients in crisis at LifeLine.

In this interview Jimmy shares:

  • How crisis counselling is different from other forms of counselling
  • What happens in a person’s life that brings them to a point of crisis
  • How we can respond effectively as counsellors to those in crisis
  • How therapists can manage their own reactions when working with someone who is suicidal
  • The signs that someone is at a point of crisis
  • What approach to take with someone who has experienced a trauma
  • Whether people who have experienced traumatic events can fully recover
  • How to avoid the risk of PTSD after a traumatic event

Links and resources mentioned in this episode

About Jimmy Henderson:

Jimmy Henderson crisis counsellorJames (Jimmy) Henderson is a former colonel in police services, a counsellor and Cognitive Specialist. He has been a member of  Lifeline South Africa as counsellor and trainer for 29 years, as well as a part-time trauma counsellor, part time lecturer in counseling and part-time e-tutor in psychology (University of South Africa). He has completed receive an Honours in philosophy, a Masters degree in Psychology (Research), and is currently busy with a PhD in Cognitive Psychology (UNISA). He is published author of over 9 books that are available in the Amazon store. Find out more at

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