In this podcast, Brisbane psychologist Dr Kate Lemerle of  Chrysalis Wellness Services speaks about how the theory of positive psychology can be used to create effective and powerful interventions when working with individuals, couples and in organisations.

Dr Lemerle also discusses:

  • A brief definition of positive psychology.
  • How positive psychology principles can be applied to therapeutic relationships.
  • How emerging evidence from neuroscience is impacting positive psychology.
  • What the research is saying about the effectiveness of positive psychology in working with depression, anxiety and relationships.
  • Examples of evidence-based interventions.
  • How positive psychology interventions can be used in a coaching relationship or workplace.
  • A case study that demonstrates the efficacy of positive psychology.


About the presenter:

Dr Kate Lemerle Brisbane psychologistDr Kate Lemerle is the Director and founder of Chrysalis Wellness Services and is a registered psychologist with over thirty years counselling experience in community health settings, student services, rehabilitation services, and private practice. Dr Lemerle has been involved in setting up community health promotion programs in rural communities of NSW and QLD, has published several book chapters on children’s resilience and is internationally recognised for her research on teachers’ stress, promoting resilience in children, and school-based interventions for promoting positive mental health in children from culturally diverse backgrounds. She provides intern supervision and training programs for psychologists, social workers, and others working in the mental health services, as well as regular community workshops to promote positive health and wellbeing. On May 4th, 2012, Dr Lemerle will be facilitating a Positive Psychology into Practice Workshop in Brisbane for counsellors and psychologists.

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