Psychotherapy and counselling in the United States is vastly different from Australia in terms of the culture and the development of the industry as a whole. Yet there are many valuable lessons Australian therapists can take from U.S. therapists in how to build a successful private practice.

So we spoke to an Australian therapist Roby Abeles who has lived and worked extensively in the U.S. and Australia to find out more and get tips for building a successful private practice.

In this interview Roby shares:

  • the fundamental differences in how U.S. therapists approach marketing a private practice
  • how the mindset of U.S. therapists differs from Australian therapists
  • the unique challenges facing Australian therapists today
  • lessons we can apply from U.S. customer service to therapy clients in Australia
  • the benefits of taking a collaborative approach to working with peers
  • the truth about what it really takes to go into full-time private practice in Australia
  • the importance of education, supervision and clinical hours before opening a private practice
  • why you need social and clinical support from your psychotherapy peers

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