Have you ever wondered why someone chooses one therapist over another when searching online?

Believe it or not, there’s a whole psychology behind choosing a therapist online. And when it comes to online counselling directories, visitors often have hundreds of therapists to choose from.

So we spoke with Vancouver-based marketing coach and copywriter Juliet Austin about how to create a compelling counselling directory listing that gets you clients.

In this interview Juliet shares:

  • What people care about when choosing a therapist online
  • Why it’s important to spend some time creating a compelling directory listing
  • What psychological factors influence the decision making process of a website visitor choosing one therapist over another
  • The elements and must-haves of a compelling directory listing
  • The most common mistakes therapists are making on directory listings
  • How to write your copy when you have a limited word count
  • Whether clients care about qualifications, degrees and specialised training

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Juliet Austin

About Juliet Austin

Juliet Austin is a Vancouver-based Marketing Coach and Copywriter who assists therapists and healing professionals in marketing their services and products. Since 1999 she has assisted her clients in developing and implementing no or low-cost marketing strategies for both on and off the Internet. As a copywriter, Juliet specializes in writing compelling website copy intended to get website visitors to take action. Visit her copywriting website for more information.


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