self-care for therapistsHave you ever had the experience of struggling to feel empathy towards a client or felt exhausted and dreaded facing sessions with your clients? 

If you answered yes, it’s likely you have experienced a self-care issue. 

Self-care issues can emerge on a spectrum from compassion fatigue at one end  to total burnout at the other.

In our profession where we use ourselves as the instrument of change, self-care needs to be a priority.

So I asked therapist self-care expert Vivian Baruch what are the signs of burnout and what can we do if we start to experience self-care issues.

In this interview she discusses:

  • What’s the definition of self-care
  • The best inventory to check for therapist self-care or burnout
  • What type of behaviours tend to lead to poor self-care and therapist burnout
  • The common symptoms or early signs that may indicate a therapist is starting to burnout
  • Strategies for therapists that are having self-care issues
  • Resources for therapists who want to find out more about self-care

About the presenter:

Vivian Baruch Counsellor Coach Psychotherapist SupervisorVivian Baruch is a clinical counsellor, psychotherapist and coach specialising in relationship issues for singles and couples. She has been working in healthcare since 1981 and has been in private practice since the late 80’s. She has a degree in supervision which enables her to provide generic supervision to clinicians and professionals. Vivian has taught counselling and supervision at undergraduate and post-graduate levels. The foundation of her work is helping people devise their own self-care methods, to build on their strengths, so they can function more fully in their personal and work relationships.  To find out more visit

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