As therapists we often have clients come into our practice with sexual issues, but unfortunately many therapists do not have the specific training to deal with these presentations.

So we spoke with Melbourne sex therapist and clinical psychologist Dr Janet Hall about sex therapy.

Janet gives us a fascinating look inside the world of a sex therapist, where we discussed a wide range of topics related to sex therapy and sexual issues that are experienced by individuals and couples.

In this episode, Dr. Janet Hall discusses:

  • the common issues and reasons why men and women go to sex therapists for help
  • the most common sexual issues for men who present for sex therapy
  • how the internet is contributing to sexual issues in men
  • the pros and cons of individuals and couples using pornography
  • the differences between sexual problems with heterosexual couples and same-sex couples
  • how couples can deal with mismatching libidos
  • the downside of ‘hook-up’ apps like Tinder
  • what important assessment questions we need to ask clients when they ask for help regarding sex
  • how to know when it’s time to refer a client to a sex therapist
  • the most unique sexual problem she has worked with
  • the healthy and unhealthy sides of fetishes
  • whether monogamy/non-monogamy and polyamory can work in a relationship

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About Dr. Janet Hall
Dr Janet Hall, Melbourne clinical psychologist and sex therapist

Dr. Janet Hall is a Clinical Psychologist, Hypnotherapist, author and professional speaker who helps people super-boost their confidence and get fantastic results. She is the author of eight books on family and relationship issues including “Sex-Wise Teens” and “Sex-life Solutions.” She is one of Australia’s leading experts in understanding the psychology of sexual behaviour.  She featured regularly on the Australian television program “Sex Life” as their female sex therapist/advisor. Her 19 audio-recordings in the Sensational Sex Series frankly and informatively discuss sexual issues ranging from sex therapy using hypnosis, to advice on creating and sharing sexual fantasies and strategies for sparking up your sex-life. For over 33 years she has given people clarity and direction from her Richmond Hill Psychology Centre in Melbourne, Australia. Enlightening and entertaining, Jan affirms, encourages, and empowers you to make changes that will have long-term positive effects for the rest of your life. To know more about Dr. Jan, visit her website at and

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