Have you ever considered going on a silent retreat?

Perhaps you’re terrified at the idea of not speaking and disconnecting from technology for a week. Or maybe you can’t comprehend what would be the purpose of meditating for day after day. Or perhaps you already have a meditation practice, but think you’re not ready for a week of mindfulness and meditation.

However, a silent retreat can be deeply rejuvenating and is a deep form of self-care. And as therapists, it’s essential we take care of ourselves so we can be in the best state to provide care and attention for our clients.

I recently went on a silent retreat and reflected on the numerous personal and clinical benefits.

In this episode I share 5 compelling reasons why every therapist needs to experience a silent retreat.

The 5 reasons are:

  1. A silent retreat helps you learn to tolerate difficult sensations and feelings
  2. A silent retreat helps you grows your capacity for holding others
  3. A silent retreat helps you improves your personal resilience
  4. A silent retreat helps you feel part of the human race
  5. A silent retreat gives you a deep sense of self-care, recovery and rejuvenation.

I also interview three Australia Counselling members who have been on silent retreat with me to ask them about their experiences.

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