In our latest therapist success story, we interview Sydney couple therapist Melissa Ferrari to find out how she has created a successful private practice.

Melissa has an interesting story because she has built her practice up from part-time work while volunteering and working in other jobs, to a thriving practice where she refers clients to her associates.

Melissa has also been effective is using Facebook in a strategic way to drive traffic to her website and capture new counselling prospects.

In this interview Melissa shares:

  • How her practice evolved from a small part-time practice to full-time with associates
  • Some of the challenges she experienced in building her practice
  • The successful mindset that was instrumental in her business growth
  • The most effective marketing strategies she has used in her practice
  • How she grew her Facebook Page from 0 to over 6,500 fans
  • How she has been getting more exposure in popular media
  • The results she has seen in her business from these marketing strategies

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About Melissa:

Melissa Ferrari, Sydney couple therapist in PenrithMelissa Ferrari is a Relational Psychotherapist, Relationship Therapist and Coach in Sydney.  As a specialist in the field for over 16 years she has worked with many people to help them live more fulfilling, passionate and happy lives. She helps transform people by working with them individually in private practice and in her one or two day workshops. Melissa works with individuals, couples, corporate professionals, therapists and has a passion in working with people who are looking for love and a lifetime partner. Melissa loves all things to do with people and how they tick. Her curiosity, while asking way too many questions is often part of the mix that helps create change in the people she works with! To know more about Melissa, you can visit her website by clicking here.

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