In this 30-minute audio interview Ashleigh Woolridge, the Director of Training at Gestalt Therapy Sydney gives an overview of Gestalt therapy. In this audio, Ashleigh covers the following areas:

  • A brief overview of the theory and methodology of Gestalt Therapy
  • What is involved in a Gestalt phenomenological methodology
  • How Gestalt therapy has evolved into contemporary practice
  • The benefits of studying Gestalt therapy
  • What the Gestalt therapy training involves
About Ashleigh:
Ashleigh Woolridge Gestalt therapist SydneyAshleigh Woolridge is a Psychotherapist and Trainer with over 17 years experience working with individuals, couples and families, groups and organizations. Ashleigh has substantial experience working with people affected by addictions and mental health presentations. Her previous appointments include a variety of positions in the public and private psychiatric sector and various community based projects including Clinical Manger of South Pacific Private , Coordinator of Therapy programs at Evesham Psychiatric Clinic and Project Manager Lifeline Sydney Personal Counseling Program. She currently a co-director of Gestalt Therapy Sydney.
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